Win $10.000 by using Wallfairs platform for free!

In hot anticipation of our upcoming MVP Launch, Wallfair will host an exclusive three-day live streaming event, along with several special announcements on the weekend of 16th-18th July. To celebrate, we’re providing a unique opportunity for the Wallfair community to not only sign up and test our MVP but go even bigger and provide a prize pool of $10,000 cash to the lucky winner!

What’s also fantastic about this special event is that it will be completely free! There will be no upfront cost for any of our users or entrants due to the usage of play money. So, in essence, we’re providing an action-packed weekend with a free testing experience and a massive cash prize at the end of it!

Users can find more information on the exclusive event, complete with special VIP guests and surprises, on the Wallfair website.

NOTE: Registration for spots is strictly limited, so they’ll be on a first-come-first-serve basis, all the reason to ensure your spot is registered ASAP! T&C applies.

The Competition

To enter and place your bets for the $10,000 prize, the Wallfair community has to follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for our exclusive community testing event.
  2. Invite your friends to earn 50 $EVNT for every referral.
  3. Make the best trades on live streaming events.
  4. The person that has the largest amount of $EVNT at the end wins $10,000 in CASH!

This will be the first time that users will be able to test and trade on the Wallfair platform, so it’s an incredibly exciting milestone for the team and our community.

So get your custom referral link, and start collecting extra $EVNT tokens through invitations from friends and family by registering now!

A Weekend fit for an MVP Launch

The event will have the necessary glamour and grandstand to celebrate the release of our Wallfair testing platform.

It’s been a long and arduous past few months for the team, but we have diligently stayed on course to ensure that not only our MVP is ready but ready in time for the big event.

Central to the MVP Launch during the event will be five stages and five streams over five events.

These are:

  1. Big Dog Challenges
  2. Big Team Event
  3. Mario Kart Race
  4. Ultimate Marble Night
  5. Coin Toss

We’ve also decided that should our community members suggest exciting team events that we could stream in the future or maybe even during the weekend, we’ll reward them with $500! Just for a suggestion! All suggestions can be made through this link.

To see your progress and how you are competing with other users, click the link below to view our Leaderboard.

Wallfair Leaderboard.

Chat with friends and place bets during the live events

At Wallfair, our ethos during the entire process of developing the platform was to ensure a premium user experience with social and immersive entertainment at its core. Combined with a democratic system for players, we’ve worked hard to enable a highly engaging, extremely social, straightforward, and well-incentivized prediction platform.

While watching the live-streaming events, users can:

  • Chat with friends and other community members of the Wallfair platform.
  • Have the opportunity to place their own and view simultaneous open bets.
  • In addition, users have the possibility of cashing out their bets at any given time.

This will be just a glimpse of the community-building aspects we’ve paid thorough attention to and one part of the jigsaw of the comprehensive Wallfair ecosystem.

The MVP Launch weekend is a culmination of a long journey towards providing a new benchmark solution for prediction markets with sufficient advantages that render existing traditional and crypto platforms obsolete.

Being such a seismic milestone for Wallfair, there’s nothing better than celebrating our success with the most important people within our ecosystem, including our community. The MVP Launch weekend is a special way to do just that!

>>Save your seats for the big event.<<

About Wallfair

Wallfair is a democratic prediction market platform built on scalable blockchain technology and designed with usability, entertainment, and mass-market adoption at its heart. Led by industry specialists and utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology, Wallfair plans to revolutionize the prediction market industry, by introducing a compelling modern solution that attracts all generations.

To stay up to date with Wallfair, you can follow us on our social media channels. Come say Hi, we’d love to discuss all-things-Wallfair!

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Wallfair is a decentalized betting and gaming plattform allowing fair, social and fun entertainment on the blockchain for mobile (first) users around the world.

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Wallfair is a decentalized betting and gaming plattform allowing fair, social and fun entertainment on the blockchain for mobile (first) users around the world.

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