WallFairStarz #01 | Nikoleta Milenova

6 min readAug 18, 2021

We sat down with Twitch streamer and all round gamer chick, Nikoleta Milenova. Nikoleta is a key part of our WallFair Starz program. Not only was she an integral member of our proof-of-concept event but Nikoleta has been providing invaluable insights into the user journey, expectations, and add-on features for players. As the WallFair Eco-System grows, we would love to take the time to introduce Nikoleta to our community. She will be a regular face on our platform.

We had a great time sitting down and chatting and we hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did.

Let’s get into it.

C: Tell us about your partnership with WallFair? What attracted you to become an early partner for us?
N: I really liked the idea of combining betting and crypto and twitch and gaming, it was new to me, I had never heard about this before, I wanted to learn more for myself about this type of project, thats why I joined.
It looked very interesting to me.

C: Do you have experience with Crypto?
N: Not at a-lot but it seemed very user friendly, noob friendly too, that’s why I decided to take the step and join.

C: Do you think for other gamers and users, it’s simple enough for them to just jump on, play around with the platform and actually bet with Crypto Assets?
N: Yea, I think it’s easy enough, if you’re new to it and not very sure about what it actually is, it’s actually very consumer friendly and simple enough for users to learn very quickly.

C: Do you think people in your community have knowledge of crypto?
N: For sure!

C: What games are you currently playing?
N: Currently I’m playing Valorant the most. I also play Horror games like Resident Evil and Heavy Rain, these are the more story type games I enjoy playing. I play Call of Duty, a .lot of also Fortnite

C: I used to play like Silent Hill, I got super obsessed with it. It’s kind of like resident evil, but more scary and less Zombies and shit. The whole series, very cool. It’s got a good story and lot’s of puzzles.
N: That’s nice, but also Resident Evil has some great games and puzzles. The last one, Evil Village, was really good!

C: Cool, so what games are you most excited for this year? Or, even next year as well?
N: For this year, FarCry, the new one. For next year, I’m not so sure yet, let’s see what comes out.

C: You have been a part of the WallFair project since quite early on, what would you like to see implemented on the platform as a streamer?
N: Maybe more creative bets, because classic style bets you can only really do on shooter style games that are a bit faster, like CoD & Mario Kart of course. Marbles is also a good game for the platform and maybe in the future we can get creative with the bets and make it into story games in some way.
C: Do you have some ideas for bets for story games?
N: That’s a little bit harder because it depends on the game because they are very different. It would have to be live right now, with the game together, for example, Detroit: Become Human, that’s like a game and someone that already knows the game could set the bets the best because if you know the game, you know the story. The game is about Robots that have feelings, there are endless amounts of ways the game can end, so basically you can turn robots into humans, there are also love stories for example and you as the player decide the outcome of the game so you can make bets on how the player makes those choices to determine the end story of the game.

C: What’s your own gaming story, why did you decide to start streaming your content on Twitch?
N: I was living in Shanghai in a shared apartment for a while, I was for a long time the only girl there and the boys were playing a lot of games like Mario Kart and Smash Bro’s and that’s when I really started enjoying playing video games with them. Then I came back to Austria and during Quarantine I just decided I was going to buy a PlayStation so I don’t get bored and play Call of Duty. It was like my first time holding a controller and then all my friends were telling me that I should start streaming and would be perfect for it. I was playing CoD like eight hours a day. So I decided I was going to give it a try and then a friend introduced me to another friend of his who was also streaming in Austria and he helped me with the Technical setup and he helped me a lot but I learnt really fast and yea, that’s how it started.
C: So you do your own production or do you have some guys helping you?
N: I do it all myself.

C: You have almost 25 thousand subscribers. What events would your community like to see on the WallFair platform? Tell us more about your channel and community?
N: When you have 25k you have different communities because you’re playing different games. The hardcore community of mine play games like Valorant a lot, not huge fans of Call of Duty. CoD comes with its own community and I didn’t play enough to get a big CoD community. Also, I think the CoD community isn’t as passionate because a lot don’t play it themselves. They play Valorant and Minecraft a lot.
C: Minecraft has a huge community too, right?
N: Yea, I have a lot of people that are from Minecraft, Fortnite community too, they also actually like story games and horror games, especially when I’m playing Resident Evil.

C: How does your community engage with you on Twitch? Also, what’s your favourite Valorant character?
N: I’m a very chat active streamer because I read the chat all the time and I also do a lot of chatting with my community. We also do AMA rounds where they can ask me questions on Discord and Twitch. I’m pretty close to my community. I love playing games together with them.
N: My favourite character from Valorant is Viper!

C: Which three streamers inspire you the most?
N: I really like a streamer called Honeypoo, she makes really cool content and she is very funny. She’s also very good at games.
C: What is she playing?
N: Call of Duty, mostly but plays other games. But she’s very funny and very cute. I like so many streamers, it’s so hard to choose. There are some guys I enjoy watching.
C: I like TryMacs as well but my German is so bad I can never understand what he is really saying but it’s super funny to watch.
N: I used to play with them on the Rust project, I was in their team, with TryMacs & Rewindside, but with him we are friends, I really like his humour. Trymacs is a very nice person with great humour too.

C: What are your plans for the future, team competition?
N: The plan for the future is GTA Roleplay, I will start Roleplaying. I’m just not 100% sure which server I’ll take, one with more or not so many streamers. This is something I can hopefully start at the end of this week or next week.

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