Wallfair’s Limited Private and Seed Round Witnesses Massive VC Interest

5 min readOct 7, 2021


We’re thrilled to announce that Wallfair has raised $2.4 million in its seed and private rounds from some of the leading blockchain VCs, tech funds, and early-stage crypto incubators, led by Faculty Capital, Exnetwork Capital, AU21, Gains Associates and more.

As a part of our strategy to create a democratic entertainment platform, we limited our token allocations across public, private, and seed rounds, giving our community sufficient opportunity to bag WFAIR tokens during our upcoming Trustpad IDO.

Wallfair Vision: Building a token-based event trading platform

Wallfair is set out to democratize social event trading by providing content creators and influencers a platform to stream their live content and create events around it. We aim to create an ecosystem that offers endless entertainment, spontaneous events, and a pragmatic user experience.

For influencers, we provide a platform that allows them to monetise their live streams and create live events for their viewers. Wallfair provides an entire suite of tools for influencers to engage their viewers. Our influencer pool comprises leading esports gaming teams, athletes, lifestyle and entertainment content creators.

For users, they get access to exclusive influencer streams, betting events on live streams, and NFTs from their favourite content creators that can be traded on Wallfair’s NFT marketplace. Wallfair will feature hundreds of live events on its platform, providing users unlimited entertainment avenues to choose from. Our incentivisation structure distributes rewards to content creators as well as users.

A glimpse into our roadmap

We have a full-packed event schedule right ahead of us, with our IDO on Trustpad coming on October 12th, followed by the launch of our play-money platform to give users a taste of our entertainment ecosystem. Wallfair users will have access to live events, place bets, and earn rewards within the play-money release without any economic risks.

Wallfair is backed by world-class investors.

Faculty Capital — Venture Capital Firm.

Faculty Capital is a value-driven venture capital firm underpinned by the Faculty Capital Innovation Fund (FCIF), a multi-million dollar fund that invests in early-stage blockchain companies with innovative, high growth or disruptive technologies that have the potential to shake up established markets. Faculty Capital mixes deep industry expertise with its resources and an extensive strategic network to deliver value far beyond money to the projects they support. Their portfolio of 100+ projects includes Casper Labs, Ethernity, Web3API, Illuvium, DFYN, Polkastarter, HydraDX, PlasmaPay, Supra Oracles and many more.

Exnetwork Capital

Founded in 2018, Exnetwork acts as a fund and incubator for promising blockchain projects. It is an investment firm looking to power the growth of decentralized finance by equalising access to opportunities for crypto and blockchain startups from several organizations and anonymous teams. Its growing portfolio has about fifty successful launches, including Orion, Elrond and Thorchain.

AU21 Capital

AU21 promotes the most gifted entrepreneurs and up-and-coming projects in the blockchain industry via funds, resources and connections. It is the first venture capital firm to have founded a fund to support projects over the Polygon network. AU21’s investments include Plasm, Polkadot and Frontier

Moonwhale Ventures

Moonwhale is an STO financial advisory that provides blockchain projects strategic advice on token issuance, launch strategy and channelling the right investment through a ‘Moon Launch’. Founded in 2017, its operations are limited to Southeast Asia and boast successful investments like Celsius, Snowswap and Orion.

Gains Associates

Described as the world’s first decentralized VC, Gains Associates is a community-backed platform founded by early BitCoin ICO investors in 2019. Its decentralized platform democratizes access to knowledge about new crypto projects while giving members exclusive deals on investments.

Everse Capital

Everse Capital is a VC firm that powers projects across blockchain technology, gaming, NFTs and WEB3, focusing on community growth, key partnerships, marketing plans and legal services. Previous investments include Polkadex, Sienna and Coin98.

Signal Ventures

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Signal Ventures invests in innovative early-stage crypto projects across different blockchain ecosystems. Their portfolio includes names such as Nakamoto Games, Wallfair and Aurora.

NFT Technologies

The Vancouver based portfolio firm identifies and supports promising startups in the NFT, Metaverse and Social Token sector. They accelerate the growth of projects through connectivity, marketing expertise and capital. Their growing list of investments includes Cryptopunks, BitClout and RealFevr.

International Blockchain Consulting

IBC supports blockchain ventures through technical, legal and marketing expertise. They specialise in growth hacking to accelerate early-stage startups and are made up of a very well experienced team based out of Dubai.

Tokenomik Inc

Tokenomic Inc. combines almost a decade’s worth of experience from the world’s top investment firms with expertise in the blockchain industry to provide the most valuable financial and commercial backing to private round blockchain startups. Their portfolio includes DeFi Rating, Subquery and Flourishing Capital.

Dutch Crypto Investors

Founded in 2017, Dutch Crypto Investors is a Netherlands based investors’ group that provides early-stage blockchain startups with necessary strategic, marketing and financial advisory. Some of their notable investments include Solanium, Panther and Rangers Protocol.

Insignius Capital

Founded in Sweden, Stockholm, the VC firm focuses on supporting crypto ventures and blockchain projects via access to analysis, networks and capital. Their portfolio includes Octopus Protocol, Skale and Corestarter.

Oracles Investment Group

OIG leverages rigorous market analysis and financial insight to provide its community priority access to lucrative investments in crypto and blockchain projects. Their portfolio includes Polkatrail, DeFi City and Crafting Finance.

Going Ahead

It’s truly amazing to receive support from some of the leading names in the crypto VC industry. The coming weeks are going to be full of action, so make sure to join our social channels to get the latest updates.

About Wallfair

Wallfair is a social event trading platform that democratizes the creative economy, enabling real-time speculation on live events using an in-game token. With a distinct focus on socially engaging, fast-paced and immersive experiences, Wallfair takes watching live events to the next level by enabling the audience to seamlessly trade and profit from speculation markets. In essence, our ecosystem is designed to give creators more ways to monetize their content while increasing their audience and community engagement.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/joinwallfair

Telegram: https://t.me/wallfairians

Website: https://wallfair.io




Wallfair is a decentalized betting and gaming plattform allowing fair, social and fun entertainment on the blockchain for mobile (first) users around the world.