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Michael Average: Gamer Spotlight

As one of the most popular esport gaming brands out there, Heet.gg brings together both up and coming and top esports athletes and influencers from around the globe. Helping them reach their highest levels. Keeping fans connected and providing a platform for content creators to make their name.

This week, Heet and Wallfair.io teamed up once again to spotlight Slovak content creator and gamer extraordinaire, Michal “Michael Average” Herman.

Michael has been in the content creation game for the last 8 years. He is the creator of the Simple Radar Project and has partnered with Youtube, Discord and Elgato.

With a following of over 230,000 YouTube subscribers and 63 801 Twitch followers, Michael Average is definitely the guy we needed to speak to, to test out Wallfair’s new Alpha Platform.

We sat him down to chat about his thoughts on Wallafair, and to get a glimpse into the man behind the beard. This is what he had to say:

What made you decide to start streaming?

I always liked to share interesting stuff around games with my friends, but then came my 20’s. My friends started working and started families. So I decided to make new friends and share what I know with them. Now I call my friend’s subscribers.

What is your favourite game to play at the moment and why?

My favourite game is League of Legends! I play it every night! The next morning I am like “But for real”?

Do you have a game that you would never play?

I don’t like card games that much!

What games do you play when you are not streaming?

Path of Exile, I love that game, I even love the whole genre around Action RPGs, but POE is King!

How many hours do you stream on average?

I can stream anything from 1 hour to 8 hours straight!

How was your experience testing the Alpha Platform on Wallfair?

Great! I started with 5k and made like 600k. Elon’s game is so much fun

What would you change or improve on the Alpha Platform?

Being forced to refresh the page to see my actual ladder position every time was kind of annoying.

What is the funniest experience you have had while playing?

A long time ago when I was a kid, I was sick while playing the original DOTA. Well, I sneezed and pooped myself! I lost my lane because of it. It wasn’t funny back then but is kind of funny now.

What is your favourite esport team?

I like teams that can bring the HEET!

Stay tuned to our Wallfair social platforms for upcoming interviews with more gaming legends, streamers and creators as Wallfair continues its growth trajectory! Head on over to Wallfair to play.

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