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Some time ago, Wallfair partnered with HEET.gg & Gameinfluencer, when we made our first debut into the professional world of e-sport gaming. Ever since then, our partnership with HEET and our love for the gaming community has only grown. For example, recently, we had a chance to sign-up an alliance with one of the most prominent Russian Dota 2 shout-casters streamers called Fedor ”HGmony” Amelchenko, which was right at the time for the DOTA 2 International tournament.

The 23 year old Russian has over 56,000 followers on Twitch, is a DOTA2 fanatic, and when he is on stream — HGmony gets an average of 2000 viewers.

Fedor ”Hgmony” Amelchenko streamed the entire tournament, which lasted more than ten and even went up to 12 hours straight and totalled over 3000 Viewers for the tournament on average.

Because we were so impressed by his performance, we invited him to test our recently released Alpha closed version of the upcoming Wallfair platform, and he was kind enough to provide us with an interview.

See below for more information about his partnership with HEET and to learn more about him personally.

J: What attracted you to become an early partner for HEET?
H: They have fantastic management (Jazz, of course) and excellent prospects; these guys are going far.

J: Do you have experience with Crypto?
Yes, I did have experience earlier.

J: Do you think for other gamers and users, it’s simple enough for them just to jump on, play around with the Platform, and Cryptobet with Crypto Assets?
I think it is not that simple, as there are not many people who use crypto assets, as it is pretty challenging to use, and they are scared of the unknown.

J: Do you think people in your community know Crypto?
H: Probably yes, but I think it is a tiny group of people.

J: What games are you currently playing?
Dota and only Dota!

J: What games are you most excited for this year? Or, even next year as well?
Dota and only Dota!

J: Do you have some ideas for bets for our Platform?
In my opinion, betting on Dota is most ideal! As I am streaming some tournaments, I will show how to bet on Wallfair, and my viewers will get very interested! I used to bet on previous tournaments, and once I made 8x from my total bets! And my viewers did the same!

J: You have thousands of subscribers and viewers per stream. What events would your community like to see on the Wallfair platform? Tell us more about your channel and community?
Betting on Dota matches, but I also know that people are very interested in casinos, so I think it will also be great to have that on the platform!

J: How does your community engage with you on Twitch?
H: Usually via chat — They are massive chatters!

J: Which three players inspire you the most?
I have not found an Ideal player yet, but in total, Team Spirit winning the TI was very motivational. I also discovered a great person named Muhammed Ali; I am pretty sure a person like him can inspire us for a very long time!

J: What are your plans for the future, more team competitions?
Going pro or just keep streaming, also want to do content in real life, invest my money in this! I want to create these contents, which I would love to rewatch myself. But, unfortunately, it did not happen yet.

J: If you will win 3 Million Dollars to spend within a week, how will you spend it?
It is hard to say, but I think I will invest it in Crypto or real estate

J: If you have a chance to live somewhere else in the whole world, where will it be and why?
I did not travel outside of Russia yet, so it is hard for me to say, but I am pretty happy with the place I am living right now

J: Why have you decided to become a streamer?
Initially, I was attracted by the prospect of making money, but later I realized that it gives me pleasure when people are happy and thankful. On my streams, I try to teach people Dota, motivate them and charge with positive emotions. A streamer should not be harmful because of lost games; you should have fun and positive feelings from playing games. This is what I try to convey to my viewers. Per In my streaming career, I’ve received tons of positive feedback.

J: Why didn’t you go pro?
I am not good enough to be a pro yet, but I am trying to improve every day!

J: If you weren’t a streamer, what would you be working as?
To be honest, I would be a teacher if money didn’t play any role. But, if it does then, I would be an entrepreneur!

J: Have you ever had an event in your life when it seemed that everything was terrible, and then it turned out that everything was for the best?
Yes, I think there were a lot of those, but the most memorable was when I quarreled with my father and left home. Almost a week, I did not eat anything. Then I read literature in one gulp while living in an old house with no water and no light. I think that was a huge turning point in my life.

J: If you were a hero in a Dota 2 game, what hero would you be?
Beer Panda (Brewmaster) :D But seriously, I think I would be Dragon Knight

About Wallfair

Wallfair is a social event trading platform that democratizes the creative economy, enabling real-time speculation on live events using an in-game token. With a distinct focus on socially engaging, fast-paced, and immersive experiences, Wallfair takes watching live events to the next level by seamlessly enabling the audience to trade and profit from speculation markets. In essence, our ecosystem is designed to give creators more ways to monetize their content while increasing their audience and community engagement.

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Wallfair is a decentalized betting and gaming plattform allowing fair, social and fun entertainment on the blockchain for mobile (first) users around the world.

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Wallfair is a decentalized betting and gaming plattform allowing fair, social and fun entertainment on the blockchain for mobile (first) users around the world.

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