Wallfair MVP & Tech Updates

In order to create and maintain a reputable brand, one must constantly be improving all aspects of a product and business. As such, our focus has been on our MVP in the recent weeks, and it’s great to share our progress with the Wallfair community thus far; so much so that we are creating a “sneak peek” to show it off. Though not fully completed, the MVP is 95% complete and will soon be ready to go live!

Wallfair MVP Platform

Our latest developments enhance the experience users can expect from our completed MVP platform. At its core, our platform is a fun and social way of creating and starting predictions while allowing for maximum freedom of expression regarding the community and collective aspects.

As a new revolutionary predictions market platform, we plan to offer exclusive content, unlike any other available options. We are confident that our event creators will have sufficient features to keep users engaged through their immersive content and exciting outcome options. Aside from events hosted by event creators, we will occasionally have our team host exclusive showcase events to keep the platform engrossing and reward loyal community members.

With an enticing and user-focused feature set, our members are guaranteed a user-friendly experience with a mobile-first approach that enables access to our services from anywhere at any time. Our mobile-first approach stems from the exponentially increasing access the world’s population has to smartphones. Subsequently, such focuses will give everyone a chance to have a captivating experience using the Wallfair platform.

What are some of the new features you can expect?

1-click-sell function

We are integrating and implementing the sell function on our MVP. The function will be made available to our users to allow fast trading. We’re also introducing a 1-click-sell through which users can sell with just one click to increase trading activities in our ecosystem.

Open trades with CPMM

To enhance the trading experience for Wallfair users, multiple changes have been implemented, including the introduction of open trades for more user trading options. Our users will enjoy trading via constant-price market-making (CPMM) for the best and up-to-date trading experience in the market. These updated trading features on our platform will be supported by design improvements that magnify our ethos of providing a premium user experience with an intuitive and solid framework.

In addition to a simple and intuitive UI, Wallfair users should expect a functional interface where the buy and sell trading options are easily identified for convenient trading. This new development enables users to view their trading history efficiently.

Chat messaging

Our social focus is maintained, and even highlighted, as we upgrade. Among the new trading, features are chat messages when executing sell orders. This allows users to create some form of relationship over our platform even while engaging in trading activities.

Streaming live events

Streaming via API, similar to the streaming services offered by Twitch, is also live on our MVP. The service will support core products of our platform, especially event creation, which, to an extent, relies heavily on streaming to access the market. This is a crucial milestone for Wallfair as the benefits of streaming will strongly emphasize an in-the-moment social and immersive experience for users. Streaming provides opportunities for event creators to display their creativity while keeping the audience engaged throughout the event period. It also allows event creators to list multiple outcomes for events as live streaming always has the edge and expectations of the most unexpected and exciting results.

Easier registration

We are also making access to our services simpler. Registration on the platform is now possible through a phone number. Thus, anyone with a working phone number from any supported part of the globe can register for Wallfair.

Wallfair Referral Program

Our focus on the overall experience of our users inspired our referral program. With a strong emphasis on creating a vibrant and engrossing Wallfair community, we must have already established connections. Through our referral program, users of Wallfair can invite their friends to our entrancing platform and enjoy the mutual benefits of our prediction markets. Every successful invite will be rewarded $EVNT tokens for use in events and other features and products on our platform, thereby incentivizing a healthy loop where positive community actions will be rewarded.

Bet on multiple outcomes — coming soon

Along with the upcoming great features arriving in the Wallfair platform, we’re also working on one of our most significant changes that are still currently in development. That’s creating bets with more than two outcomes. Event creation is among our flagship features; therefore, we provide event creators with innovative options for a premium user experience through such additions. We expect this development to help our platform rival traditional prediction markets and provide users with extra convenience and options when placing bets.

Democratic and Secure

Our platform is built on underlying decentralized technology, relying on a fair, transparent, and democratic process to minimize transaction fees and build a meritocratic system where our community is the eventual winner. Moreover, we instituted a dispute and settlement mechanism to protect player funds in the event of a mishap. If anything were to go wrong, the players’ funds would be safeguarded and refunded following the dispute and settlement process resolution.

About Wallfair

Wallfair is a democratic prediction market platform built on scalable blockchain technology and designed with usability, entertainment, and mass-market adoption at its heart. Led by industry specialists and utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology, Wallfair plans to revolutionize the prediction market industry, by introducing a compelling modern solution that attracts all generations.

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