WallFair Development Report: Partnerships, Influencers, Tech Updates

Wallfair is built around its community and keeping our community in the loop is a critical aspect of our progress. We’re thrilled to launch a monthly update series for our community, investors, and partners sharing some of the recent developments, both from the business and technical side, and provide insights into our upcoming events.

Wallfair X Polygon Integration

One of the most exciting parts of speculative event trading is how quickly events start, end, and follow each other, and that adrenaline rush you feel with every single bet. Wallfair has selected the Polygon/Matic chain as a critical piece of the puzzle due to its low gas fees, innovative technical infrastructure and its growth potential.

Polygon is a global leader in providing scaling solutions for Ethereum dApps. Wallfair is excited to include the integration into Polygon as an essential part of its platform, providing a swift, uninterrupted experience to the users. The plan is to use Polygon’s service infrastructure including oracles, indexing and yield generation modules, the native fiat-on-ramp module, and meta transactions among other components.

Wallfair Influencer Onboarding

WallFair aims to become one of the most engaging immersive platforms on the global market and as a part of our long-term growth strategy, we’ve started onboarding influencers across the gaming, esports, and entertainment industry. Wallfair has partnered with Heet.gg, a leading gaming esports brand and a home to some of the best teams across Valorant, PUBG, and Rainbow 6 Siege gaming universe. Additionally, we have onboarded individual gamers as well as several significant influencers from the entertainment industry.

New Name, same Benefits: WFAIR replaces EVNT

We announced the renaming of our token to WFAIR, which replaced the EVNT token ticker, all token details except the ticker denomination remain unchanged.

Wallfair Alpha Launch Update

We want our community to get a taste of the fun and engaging events in the Wallfair universe as early as possible. Wallfair Alpha is our play money platform that gives our users access to all the fun without the risk of betting real money for a limited period of time before the real money version of the platform is launched. The main benefit for our users will consist in free tokens received after the registration and the testing opportunity free of risks of losing real money.

Wallfair Alpha is in its final development and testing stages — if you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to try WallFair Alpha, subscribe to our Telegram and Twitter channels.

Platform Development Updates

On the development front, our team has been quite busy working on (among other things):

  • onboarding of 14 developers and DevOps engineers;
  • Development of a gambling system, with reward distribution and multiple betting setup modules;
  • Implementation of our first three integrated casino games;
  • Development and testing of the admin functions for community managers.

IDO Launch Strategy

With regards to our token launch strategy, we’re glad to inform all of you that we’ve been able to secure the collaboration with one of the leading launchpads for our soon-to-be-announced IDO. We’ll share more details about the partnership in the coming days. Our business development and partnership teams are engaging with ecosystem partners, market makers, and VCs to properly execute our launch strategy.

About Wallfair

Wallfair is a social event trading platform that democratizes the creative economy enabling real-time speculation on live events using an ERC-20 based $WFAIR token. With a distinctive focus on socially engaging, fast-paced and immersive experiences, Wallfair takes live events to the next level by enabling the audience to seamlessly trade on and profit from the socially responsible gambling. In essence, the Wallfair ecosystem is designed to give event creators and influencers a number of technically advanced and responsible options to monetize their content while increasing their audience and community engagement.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/joinwallfair?

Telegram: https://t.me/wallfairians

Website: https://wallfair.io




Wallfair is a decentalized betting and gaming plattform allowing fair, social and fun entertainment on the blockchain for mobile (first) users around the world.

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Wallfair is a decentalized betting and gaming plattform allowing fair, social and fun entertainment on the blockchain for mobile (first) users around the world.

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