WallFair — Building an Event-Trading Platform for the Creator Economy

Creator economy, $100B+ market size, is predicted to grow exponentially in coming years.

Social media is nothing less than a revolution when it comes to how individuals share and process content. And if we talk about social media, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the growing creator economy and the influencer cohort.

Research reveals that the creator economy is already worth over $100 billion, with more than 50 million influencers and content creators using social media platforms to reach out to their audience.

Despite the size and growth potential of the creator economy, the majority of the content creators struggle to generate any revenue across their channels. The top creators earn a major share of the net creator earnings distributed by leading platforms.

WallFair: Introducing Speculation Markets for Content Creators

WallFair introduces a new content monetisation model using speculation markets. Speculation markets have a history of being implemented across various arenas, including sports, esports, politics, commodities, and even in the speculation of traditional share markets. WallFair utilises the spontaneity of speculation markets to revolutionise the traditional monetisation models used within the creator industry.

WallFair provides a platform for content creators to share their live streams, create in-game events for their audience, and earn rewards for successful events. The creators can engage with their audience through live discussions and boost community engagement with real-time micro-betting events. Additionally, they can distribute limited edition seasonal NFTs through WallFair NFT Marketplace to their communities for completing various challenges.

The community members can interact with other viewers, place bets on live events, and generate profits while enjoying live streams from their favourite creators. They can purchase seasonal passes from WallFair NFT Marketplace to get access to special platform avatars, lower fees, sticker packs, and invitations to Special WallFair events.

In terms of technology, WallFair challenges the traditional speculation markets by developing a blockchain-powered ecosystem. The platform users can track every event, review rewards, and fund transfers over the blockchain network. WallFair eliminates the age-old ‘Casino Always Wins’ ideology with a democratic token-based even-trading platform without compromising the user experience.

WallFair: MVP Launched, Phase II In Action

WallFair launched its MVP for its community, allowing them to test various features, place live bets, and have an experience of the platform. Following the success of WallFair’s proof of concept event, the team has begun to refine the focus of the project in a way that favours the creator economy and moves towards the highly emerging social in-game token model.

Wallfair now sets its sights on a highly anticipated fundraising round as well as developing partnerships with prominent esports, crypto and blockchain partners and influencers to develop a powerful ecosystem that gives streamers, esports teams and special event creators more options to further monetize and incentivize community speculation on the content they create.

Wallfair’s ecosystem will be powered by EVNT token, a stacked utility token that is carefully designed to effectively capture the value growth in the Wallfair ecosystem. The EVNT token will be required for all key functionality on the platform including, Event Creation, Event Trading, NFT minting/Marketplace, Liquidity Provisioning, Governance and Staking. By ensuring that the EVNT token is a core pillar of the ecosystem, and by integrating critical functionality into the model, a strong case for continuous demand is presented.

About WallFair

Wallfair is a social event trading platform that democratizes the creative economy, enabling real-time speculation on live events using an in-game token. With a distinct focus on socially engaging, fast-paced and immersive experiences, Wallfair takes watching live events to the next level by enabling the audience to seamlessly trade and profit from speculation markets. In essence, our ecosystem is designed to give creators more ways to monetize their content while increasing their audience and community engagement.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/joinwallfair?

Telegram: https://t.me/wallfairians

Website: https://wallfair.io

Wallfair is a decentalized betting and gaming plattform allowing fair, social and fun entertainment on the blockchain for mobile (first) users around the world.