Transcript of our Wallfair’s annual AMA

5 min readJan 14, 2022

Below you will find questions we answered during our annual AMA, conducted on our Telegram Group on 14.01.2022. Questions below were chosen by our community from 40 other questions that same community proposed earlier

Q: I’m still quite confused about the launch of Wallfair’s live casino on another platform, like why can’t it be on its Wallfair’s platform?

First — regulatory. The casino is fully licensed, and we wanted to have a separate and dedicated entity responsible for it

Second — audience and product.
Micro betting, live events, eSport requires a very different approach if you consider the audience audience. Metaverse but specifically Alpacasino is very different in that sense.

Third is technology — decentralized casino is something tough to achieve due to technical limitations. Micro betting and live events are not — so we decided that splitting those two at this level also makes sense .

Q: Can this project last the test of time, if we should experience a serious bear market, can they withstand the bears?

Short answer is yes. But to elaborate. This is a long term project and the idea was to make WFAIR by the definition as independent from the market trends as possible.

We are sure not there yet as there’s a critical mass you have to achieve with Alpacasino for example, but we are getting there. If you look at the eSport and features we want to enable for creators and spectators, you can be sure this can support what we envisioned — way lower market volatility of WFAIRT.

So no matter if it’s a bull or a bear we want to empower WFAIR token to be more independent from market trends than other tokens.

Is the roadmap for this year still valid or we will be seeing something different because you folks are already used to switching up to different things and at anytime you feel like without considering the effect on the community.

Yes, we did change our roadmap last year, that’s true

But that’s generally fine for any project — our biggest mistake we made was not communicating this properly and also not fully listening to what our community expects from us.

That’s why this year will be mostly dedicated to eSport, Live events and micro betting. We will keep on working on making Alpacaverse better and better of course, but the whole team’s focus will be to bring what we promised in Litepapers.

Q: I really like the concept of earning money while streaming games . What’s the deal with the casino games? What happened to the live streaming platform ?

As mentioned above, it’s on the roadmap for this year and we will keep you posted regularly (PROMISE!) on the progress. To explain the casino part a bit better.

Alpacaverse and specifically Alpacasino is solving the most significant challenge we came across while working on live streaming events and micro betting. The problem of liquidity. Alpacasino can easily provide it, meaning the leading blocker for this project has been removed

What is the value-added to the gaming industry with the Alpacasino? Why do you expect to see patients from your holders until AlpacaVerse?

I think the liquidity problem Alpacasino solves should already answer that question. But will add one thing — we also want to do is to show that casino games can be social — like Pump and Dump.

You can soon expect streamers actually to compete in Pump and Dump live on screen — to show that it actually can be a Duel / Tournament

Q:Wallfair could use more partnerships. Smartsoftgaming is a good online gaming developer, so it’s a start, but what is going on with Heet ?

So with Smartsoft and Evoplay onboard, we already provide around 200 games in Alpacasino. In January, we will enable the biggest game aggregator in Alpacasino, makeing us one of the biggest crypto casinos in the world when it comes down to the choice of the games.

As for the HEET…HEET is actively supporting us with Alpacasino and in preparing our proper entry into eSport. The support us by working with the streamer community, connecting us with relevant players, and ensuring we are always in a good understanding of what gamers expect from us. It’s long term cooperation for the benefit of our streaming project and Alpacasino.

Q: What’s with the issue of always changing social media platforms and even you changed the website. Don’t you know you are losing credibility each time you do that ?

This has been addressed several times here on the telegram our social media management was inferior and we are working on improvements. The community here on telegram is growing organically and I’m sure you can say by yourself that we are very much engaged in conversation.

The website part yes the same as above. We are updating our website now as well to make sure that it’s clear that our focus is on what we promised from the beginning sSport and live events with our custom Alpacaverse twist.

Q: Why is wallfair’s social media channels like twitter not active?

We are working on this — definitely room for improvement

Q: When will WFAIR get listed into other reputable exchanges like kucoin, binance and others?

We are aiming at this year, we are in touch with those exchanges already

Some of them are based in unfriendly toward speculative crypto projects countries which makes the process a bit longer and more complex but we will get there. Definitely one of key goals for near future……

Q: When will wfair start its staking pool, any plan for that soon?

Yes! We are launching the waiting list in the next couple of days!!!

The staking will be live later this month so keep an eye on the telegram in the upcoming days. Staking will be available exclusively in Alpacasino for now (more news on that soon:) so no matter if you want to stake your winnings or stake token you have you will be able to do it along with the link to the waiting list we will announce all the great benefits




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