Investor Update #1/2022

3 min readJan 20, 2022


Dear Wallfair Investors,

we would like to give you an overview of where the project is heading, where it stands, and how we are striving to generate a long-term value increase in the project, independent from crypto markets.

Cryptocurrency markets and especially young projects have been hit hard by the market, but we have a big vision with the WFAIR token serving as a universal utility token for decentralized betting and gaming. This means any deposit for gaming, betting, or staking drives up demand for the WFAIR token.

Our priority: Wallfair’s team is 100% dedicated to the project and is working hard to deliver on the 24-months game plan to build a decentralized betting and gaming platform. The strategy has been, is, and will continue to build a fundamental utility and spend money on product development and long-term substance. Wallfair is not a marketing, discord group or hyped product where all money is just spent on short-term marketing.

Focus on community engagement: We have not put sufficient focus on transparency and the involvement of our community. Therefore, we will focus on communication improvements via weekly progress updates and monthly newsletters with the ability to schedule calls with the team (parts of a decentralized organization in the future). Less agencies, bots and giveaways and a clear roadmap, constantly updated progress, and direct team involvement are also part of the project’s continual enhancement strategy.

Promoting Alpacasino: has been our focus in the last few months and we managed to build a new type of casino, obtain a gambling license and integrate over 150 external games. We are currently working on the last steps before marketing the novel form of the casino (Alpacasino) in Russia, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Integrating Moonpay: During the week starting 17 January 2022, we are integrating Moonpay to allow users to purchase WFAIR with a credit card, Apple pay or Google Pay. Once this feature is live, every deposit in the casino will translate into a purchase of WFAIR token. Every WFAIR token holder will participate in deposits and revenues of the casino — independent of crypto markets. This has been the big goal for us to scale marketing, network effects and token value independently of volatile crypto markets, and regardless of crypto market conditions.

All-in-one platform: We are also merging Alpacasino (prototype brand), and to one single platform that will allow users to play in the casino or make live bets with real WFAIR tokens or play to earn (wagering PFAIR play money token, top leaderboard guys get real WFAIR tokens). For the first time, we are going to allow user-generated bets in testing form. We are working on this heavily and will launch it in the next few weeks. As a result, Wallfair will be a real-money / play-money betting and gambling platform and will enable staking, NFT, governance and much more on one platform.

NFT game: We have decided to remain on a sideline for NFT / Alpacaverse. While NFT will carry real-world, long-term utility in the future, we decided against releasing an Alpacasino NFT minting/game in order to focus on the project vision and not get sidetracked with short-term hype. NFT will be integrated into the Wallfair platform in a truly utilized way, not Alpaca images.

WFAIR staking: We are launching WFAIR staking next week, also on, which means that anyone will be able to benefit from the passive income generated by their WFAIR holdings. As for the conditions we are still working on the final numbers so stay tuned!

Significant Investments: Sebastian Diemer + team are investing 6 digit EUR to the project in January, portraying their confidence in the project. Team tokens are locked for 12 months and vesting over 24 months, so we can guarantee you that the team is in the market for the long run and you will see a lot of cool stuff to be released in 2022 by Wallfair ❤️





Wallfair is a decentalized betting and gaming plattform allowing fair, social and fun entertainment on the blockchain for mobile (first) users around the world.