Crypto party is dead, long live value coins

Investor Update #3 / 2022
  • Marketing (“meme”) coins: their value lies in supply and demand, with no use case other than the trading gains where money is spent on marketing, and there is no team or substance behind. Most of these projects will probably not make it through the winter as crypto darwinism will put an end to demand for “get rich quick” coins.
  • Value coins: coins that are based around a value creating product with proper teams, structures, timelines and value beyond a flashy story and people putting money behind a story. These coins will make it through the winter and come back stronger than ever.
  • Instant MetaMask: No sign up, no emails, no KYC. A crypto, no bullshit casino that lets you start playing in seconds.
  • Over 750 Tier 1 games: lots of negotiation rounds, all night code sprints and love for the product were required to get all state of the art games integrated on the platform.
  • User generated bets: The only platform out there that allows users to create and bet on individual events and market them at the same time as earning money as the event creator.
  • Staking: is one of the easiest and most profitable staking products with over 3,5 million tokens already staked.
  • Whitelabeling / selling parts of the technology: there is an active interest in the casino technology behind Wallfair and we are currently considering the right partner to cooperate with. Any proceeds from a cooperation/sale could and would be used for token repurchase, marketing, development of the core product, and other initiatives, resulting in massive value increase.
  • Affiliate marketing: we are considering launching a very aggressive affiliate marketing program to drive traffic towards We are looking for partnerships that want to monetize traffic in a highly profitable manner as we would be giving away 25% of first deposits for marketing partners, 10x the industry average.
  • Preparing for crypto summer: This includes but is not limited to token burns, CEX listings and coin marketing, however, keeping in mind that there is no point to market ice cream in January.
  • Staking: 35% APY with instant withdrawal is a no brainer. All claimed tokens can easily be staked on with no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises.
  • Hodling: we are confident that Wallfair will come back stronger than ever in next crypto summer and we are building our private wallets with every dip. The smartest strategy is to go in with small amounts in every dip and bring down the average price per coin.
  • Selling: prices are down, volumes are down — never a good point in time to sell. Buy when nobody else is buying and sell when nobody else is selling, is what a smart investor would tell you. Buy when everybody else is greedy and sell when everybody is selling, is what a greedy crypto investor would tell you. Take a guess, which one of the two will drive around with a Bored Ape in a Lambo. ;)




Wallfair is a decentalized betting and gaming plattform allowing fair, social and fun entertainment on the blockchain for mobile (first) users around the world.

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Wallfair is a decentalized betting and gaming plattform allowing fair, social and fun entertainment on the blockchain for mobile (first) users around the world.

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