Crypto party is dead, long live value coins

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Wallfair Investor update

Investor Update #3 / 2022

A wise man who made a lot of money in crypto once said:

“A successful company in a traditional economy is like a motorboat — it can navigate through rough water at roughly the same speed while successful crypto projects remind me of sailing ships — they depend on wind and weather. In times of standstill these ships can’t advance regardless of the quality and the crew, but when the wind picks up, they keep moving at a higher speed than before.”

In general, two kind of coins dominate the crypto universe:

  • Marketing (“meme”) coins: their value lies in supply and demand, with no use case other than the trading gains where money is spent on marketing, and there is no team or substance behind. Most of these projects will probably not make it through the winter as crypto darwinism will put an end to demand for “get rich quick” coins.
  • Value coins: coins that are based around a value creating product with proper teams, structures, timelines and value beyond a flashy story and people putting money behind a story. These coins will make it through the winter and come back stronger than ever.

When we started Wallfair roughly twelve months ago, the party was in full swing. The pandemic was over, money was abundant, inflation was a distant threat from the past and tech stocks and crypto were the primary investment target of (retail) investors.

A year later we are living in a different world. A toxic mixture of war, energy / oil supply shocks, the return of the virus in Asia and a heightened inflation rate have put a rapid end to the party, sending nearly all tech stocks, crypto coins and anything that isn’t needed for daily consumption into a bear market.

The question is thus not IF crypto coins will see new all time highs in the next months and years but WHEN. Empirical data shows that coins making it through a winter have huge upside potential in the subsequent bull market. Crypto is in its early days and the majority of the projects does not concentrate on the long term value. This was one of the reasons why we created our own coin — to do better.

So based hereupon, where does Wallfair stand right now?

Here’s the status quo in “crypto ADHD” points:

Wallfair has put the funding almost exclusively into product development and value creation. Although we did see a 900% price jump from the family and friends investment round, we did not put capital into bush fire marketing or short term pumps. Instead, money was invested in, a fully functional and innovation leading betting platform and casino with several unique features:

  • Instant MetaMask: No sign up, no emails, no KYC. A crypto, no bullshit casino that lets you start playing in seconds.
  • Over 750 Tier 1 games: lots of negotiation rounds, all night code sprints and love for the product were required to get all state of the art games integrated on the platform.
  • User generated bets: The only platform out there that allows users to create and bet on individual events and market them at the same time as earning money as the event creator.
  • Staking: is one of the easiest and most profitable staking products with over 3,5 million tokens already staked.

Team has stayed on board. The team stands behind the project. Team tokens are locked / vested until October 2023. Wallfair team has not sold any team tokens. This is a good indicator for trust in any project — the team has invested 6 digit euros of their own money into the project.

People overestimate what can be reached in weeks but underestimate what can be reached in years. For the time being we have decided not to invest any funds into marketing for the crypto / coin side nor into the casino but to continue building the product and prepare for HUGE value increases once the times change.

Sales pressure is over! Wallfair had two investment rounds: the smaller portion came from family and friends with linear vesting between October 2021 and October 2022. The vast majority of funds came from strategic investors at a 60% higher price and vesting between October 2021 and April 2022.

Where does Wallfair go from here?

We are currently evaluating three options around the — already built — crypto casino:

  • Whitelabeling / selling parts of the technology: there is an active interest in the casino technology behind Wallfair and we are currently considering the right partner to cooperate with. Any proceeds from a cooperation/sale could and would be used for token repurchase, marketing, development of the core product, and other initiatives, resulting in massive value increase.
  • Affiliate marketing: we are considering launching a very aggressive affiliate marketing program to drive traffic towards We are looking for partnerships that want to monetize traffic in a highly profitable manner as we would be giving away 25% of first deposits for marketing partners, 10x the industry average.
  • Preparing for crypto summer: This includes but is not limited to token burns, CEX listings and coin marketing, however, keeping in mind that there is no point to market ice cream in January.

What’s the smartest thing to do with my coins now?

Staking > Hodling > Selling.

Token prices are down as is the rest of any crypto or tech market. The Wallfair team stays behind the project and prepares for summer, so here’s what we are doing with our tokens:

  • Staking: 35% APY with instant withdrawal is a no brainer. All claimed tokens can easily be staked on with no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises.
  • Hodling: we are confident that Wallfair will come back stronger than ever in next crypto summer and we are building our private wallets with every dip. The smartest strategy is to go in with small amounts in every dip and bring down the average price per coin.
  • Selling: prices are down, volumes are down — never a good point in time to sell. Buy when nobody else is buying and sell when nobody else is selling, is what a smart investor would tell you. Buy when everybody else is greedy and sell when everybody is selling, is what a greedy crypto investor would tell you. Take a guess, which one of the two will drive around with a Bored Ape in a Lambo. ;)

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