Wallfair Receives Regulatory and Compliance Licenses to Operate Globally

3 min readDec 10, 2021

We, at Wallfair, are excited to announce that our showcase Alpha testing casino— Alpacaverse — has been formally granted a gaming license to go live and actively onboard users across the globe.

Alpacaverse is powered by Wallfair’s underlying tech infrastructure, and it uses the WFAIR token to bring the entertainment and gaming industries to web3. It is a highly interactive social gaming and wagering platform, and it comes with the same distinctive features of transparency, security, fairness, and social interaction that make Wallfair-based applications what they are.

Phase 1 of Alpacaverse is scheduled to go live on December 17, 2021.

Comprised of a series of events, Phase 1 will kick off with the unveiling of Alpacasino, a portal through which users will be able to play a wide range of popular games. One of these is Elon Paca X, which revolves around a mission to Mars on the Alpaca rocket that is powered by WFAIR tokens.

Upon the launch of Alpacaverse, pre-registered users will receive 50 WFAIRs in their wallets, and they will be the very first ones to participate in this milestone event of the Alpacaverse.

AlpacaVerse Teaser — YouTube

The Wallfair Difference

Wallfair is a suite of white-label tech applications that are designed to help developers, studios, game designers, and other partners and parties build decentralized social gaming and speculation capabilities in the metaverse and beyond. Designed to be the technology backbone needed by metaverses that want to bring speculative entertainment and wagering features to participants, Wallfair’s capabilities — showcased by Alpacaverse, our in-house Wallfair-powered metaverse — will bring about a revolution in the web3.0 entertainment and gaming spaces.

According to our founder, Sebastian Diemer, the Wallfair license to begin operations and user onboarding for Alpacaverse is a huge moment not just for our company but for the industry at large. Mr. Diemer said: “Having secured a license to become a fully regulated entertainment platform, we are in Phase 1 of developing what will become an all-inclusive showcase of the speculative entertainment experience. The license is intended to future-proof ourselves, and echoes our commitment to delivering the complete entertainment metaverse, starting with the first key feature — the Alpacasino. This will be the ultimate showcase of what Wallfair technology and our token WFAIR can do.”

As part of Wallfair’s broader integration into the blockchain and gaming ecosystems, the WFAIR token, which is used for wagering and staking on the platform, is already listed on BitMart, Uniswap, and QuickSwap.

Stay tuned to learn more about how Wallfair provides the technological infrastructure and systems needed by the web3 industry, how we are reshaping the social and wagering aspects of metaverse entertainment, and to be the first to learn about upcoming launches, exciting offerings, and all the entertainment you could wish for from the comfort of your own home!




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